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Term & Condition

Terms and Conditions 
You agree to comply with our guidelines, rules, and policies regarding the purchase of products through the website. Besides, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by the changes published on the platform. The payment terms and conditions will apply to purchase orders and payment made between you and the seller.

  1. You agree to pay for products by credit or debit card that can be used for a legal settlement
  2. You agree not to cancel the payment later unless you receive a product that does not appropriate to the agreement, the product has not been delivered within the shipping period, or the product you receive is significantly different from the seller description
  3. You acknowledge the Refund Policy of a payment that are successfully paid, this can be done only when the seller agrees and notifies the refund request.
  4. You acknowledge all refunds to be made through the original payment method and to the person making the transaction.
  5. You acknowledge no guarantee that the refund will be credited to your account on time. The refund process may take time and depends on each bank and/or the payment service provider who process the refund.
  6. Reservation
    All Reservation shall be subject to availability and confirmation. Client Read and Learn then select product from webpage by fiil in  Reservation form,the information will come to The Crystal Tour email and reservation staff  will check the availability then contact back to let client make a payment and submit via reservation form.Then the reservation will issue the Voucher sending to client to use the product and service.                                                                                                                                                                                                      Must Contact reservation department to make a booking in advance and submit its voucher (s)
    and detail via E-mail : , Line ID ,What's app and  Tel: +66(0) 81 8929441
  7. Booking Process:
    1.Add to Cart Product with quantity of product (Adult/Child)
    2.Continue Shopping (If need more product) and View Shopping Cart.
    3.Double chect detail in Your Cart and total Shopping Cart the proceed check out.
    4.Click delivery E-voucher, Fill pick up place (hotel&room no.)in Note box.then click next.
    5.Shoose Payment Medthod then click order confirmation and print purchase order (Auto sending e-mail to reservation)
    6.The Reservation will check product availability and contact back via contact deatail.

    If product available > Fill Reservation Form
    1.Fill Name and detail of Contact Person ,Product select,Product Reservation
    2.Attach product select file and ID or Passport .
    3.Traveling Date and Traveling Tine (in product itinerary)
    4.Traveler Detail (Total of traveler, All Name,Pick up from (Hotel & Room No.) *
    5.Note or Special Request. Click send then sending e-mail to reservation.
    The Reservation will send E-Voucher or Flight Ticket via e-mail as contact detail to use the product and servic
  8. Cancellation & No show Policy
    Three days Cancellation notice is required, Any Cancellation less than three days will incur a 50%
    Cancellation fee, Full charge will be imposed for a no-show.
  9. Compensation
    In the even that the guest did not make full payment due to no show or other reasons or the companyhas to cancel the trip due to weather or other excident and uncontrol reasons the company shall not pay compensations  to the client.
  10. Special Consideration
    Infant under 1 year of age, elderly over 60 years old, and pet are not allow to join the excursion, Guests,who have hight blood pressure, heart disease, pregnant women, asthma and bone disease or orrrthopedic are not allow to join this excursion, in case if customer has allergic of food please let the company know before travelling.



Refund Policy 

If the product does not operrate by any incident of weather or traffic, natural disasters, epidemics the refund wil be made within 1 week via the payment gateway that client arranged.

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